Research Experience

University of Massachusetts Amherst September 2021-present

Research Assistant (Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences)

Raytheon BBN Technologies November 2019-June 2021

Associate Scientist

  • Developed programming synthesis software to solve problems in symbolic reasoning by applying principles of neuroscience

  • Developed complex networks to train on a classical music dataset for classification tasks in a DARPA funded causal reasoning project

  • Worked on a natural language processing project to detect malware and malicious intent against adversarial attacks

Systems Engineer

  • Conducted data analysis investigations to find uses of machine learning techniques for available data

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center June-August 2018

Research Assistant

  • Developed artificial neural networks to investigate their effectiveness for hydrological data prediction

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research May-August 2016

Research Assistant

  • Developed an Android application to make patient records accessible for diabetes research purposes in rural India


Dreaming with ARC

NeurIPS 2020 LMCA Workshop.

Authors: Andrzej Banburski, Anshula Gandhi, Simon Alford, Sylee Dandekar, Sang Chin, and Tomaso Poggio.